CrashPlan discontinuing home plans

I’ve used Crashplan as an offsite backup solution for several years and have really liked it. Today the company announced that they are transitioning to being an enterprise-only solution, and that they are ending support for personal and family plans.

This is pretty disappointing. It’s been a good product at an affordable price, and now I have to find something else. The company is going about this in a nice way: they’re giving their users 14 months’ notice. I’ll post about this again when I figure out what I’m going to do. And I’m certainly open to suggestions.


Author: carl

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2 thoughts on “CrashPlan discontinuing home plans”

  1. Full disclosure, I work for their parent company, but Mozy is a reliable option. Limited capacity for the base plan, but support for Windows, Mac, and several Linux distros.


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