Software updates for Microsoft, Adobe, WordPress

It was the second Tuesday of the month this week, so Microsoft has released updates to its products. Microsoft characterizes some of these updates as critical. Here’s the April 2016 Microsoft security bulletin.

Adobe has updated its April 2016 security bulletin from last week’s out-of-band announcement. The updated bulletin adds some new items that need updates.

WordPress has released version 4.5. That looks like more of a feature update than a security update. Still, if you host your own wordpress blog, you should probably update. (If, like me, your wordpress blog is hosted on the servers, you don’t need to do anything.)

And if you happen to run SAMBA on Linux (or similar), you need to run your updates, too. There’s a new man-in-the-middle exploit called Badlock which is getting some attention.

wordpress v4.4.1 security update

Today wordpress released version 4.4.1 to address a serious security problem. If you have a wordpress site, please update it if you can. If your site is hosted by (like this blog), you needn’t do anything. But if you’re running wordpress through a hosting provider, you may need to update it yourself.